let us introduce ourselves...

Let's just start by saying that 2010 was not our decade; but don't worry we survived and are now here to take you on the emotional rollercoaster we call our lives. Buckle up for a bumpy ride down memory lane. 

Long story short (we'll fill you in on the long version later), we dated the same toxic guy back to back and he was horrible to both of us. But of course, like in most abusive relationships, we always found ways to make excuses for him and defend his baffling behaviour. He was a master mind narcissist and through manipulation, gaslighting and a whole lot of mind games, he had us hating each other for a long time. But after 10 long years, when we were both finally done with him for good, we got together and instantly connected over what we had both been through with the same "man". After exchanging stories, we quickly realized how similar our situations were and how dangerous he really was. It validated how real our experiences were and we finally saw the magnitude of what we saved ourselves from. Deep down, we always knew what he was doing to us was abuse and it was wrong, but there was always a small part of us that blamed ourselves. For years we were stuck in the mindset of "we must have done something to deserve this", but finding out that another woman had gone through something so similar with him made it so clear to see that he was always the problem, and it was never us or anything we'd done. We didn't deserve anything we'd been through. Something needed to be done, he needed to be stopped and we wanted to prevent this from happening to a third woman.

All the animosity and resentment we once felt towards each other has dissipated and we've shifted focus to supporting each other through life after him.  

Our goal is to build a community of survivors through sharing our stories and personal experiences with the hopes that one day you will too. 

You are not what they did to you, you are the courage that escaped.

- Cadence and Alicia